“Why Activating Your Spiritual Gifts Holds the Key to Living and Serving Your Purpose”

At the end of this short letter will be your free PDF guide on the spiritual gifts.

But to get the most out of it, please read through this letter where I give some teaching.

Before I share with you an insight that will shift your thinking about spiritual gifts in your life, ask yourself this simple question:

Can you honestly say you are living out as God designed you?

Many people aren’t because they are missing this foundation that comes straight out of Scripture.

The mistake is not truly valuing and activating spiritual gifts in their own lives and being a part of a community alive in their gifts.

Spiritual gifts were not meant to be optional.

They weren’t meant to be circus theatrics. They weren’t meant to be theological concepts or “woo woo” ideas discussed with overly spiritualized words.

Your spiritual gifts were meant to be fully active in your life and in the life of your church.

Anything less is missing out on what God designed for you and for Christ’s Church.

You may think Spiritual Gifts won’t have an impact on your life. 

But are you will learn shortly, they play a far greater role in your life in Christ.  

Before I describe how, ask yourself whether you relate to any of these:

  •   Do you feel your work doesn’t leverage your skills, so you struggle?
  •   Do you feel disconnected from others at church? 
  •   Have you had difficulty describing your purpose on earth? 
  •   Is it sometimes difficult for you to prioritize decisions? 
  •   Do you lack confidence sometimes? 
  •   Do you find yourself unproductive and spinning your wheel?
  •   Have you ever wondered why you aren’t as effective in your church as you’d like? 
  •   Do you have friction in certain relationships and are unsure how or why?
  •   Do you wonder what you're actually 'good' at?

Each one of these challenges stem from not realizing that spiritual gifts has real life impact. 

What happens when you don't know or live through your spiritual gifts?

When you don’t know your spiritual gifts, you may do things and make decisions that run against your gift. 

Ignoring your gifts makes you tired, unsure and inefffective. 

Without acknowledging your gifts, you also don’t learn how to depend on others in the body. And you also don’t know how you can truly help and serve them. 

This weakens the body of Christ. And it also leaves you feeling less fulfilled and more disconnected. 

When you do know your gifts, however, you gain clarity around your purpose in building the Kingdom and the body of Christ. 

Without fully activating your spiritual gifts, you will not be living your purpose with full clarity and power. 

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This impacts your relationships, your work, and even how your serve God and others.

Do you believe this could be true?

Do you truly believe that when Christ intended the gifts to really mature you and build the body, He meant it?

If you now believe the spiritual gifts can impact all parts of your life, what gets in the way?

If spiritual gifts can make such a big difference...why does it seem so few people live fully through them?

I am about to share with you why.

The most typical reason is churches and individuals don't invest in it. They don't spend time cultivating it. They don't make it part of the way the church body interacts.

Ignorance, for most people, is the biggest reason people don't live out their gifts.

But even if you know about the gifts, studied the gifts...here's the missing piece:

The best way to activate is to be discipled through the five gifts of Ephesians.

In other words, the manner in which you are taught and encouraged also should be through the different spiritual gifts, particularly those in Ephesians.

Most of the time, the gifts are taught through the gift of the Teacher. This leaves off the other four.

Effective growth and teaching of the gifts depends on teaching through all five.

Here are the three reasons why this is true:

Reason #1: The five gifts of Ephesians were given to build the church and mature the body. 

You learning your gifts is the best way to build the body and for you to mature.

Reason #2: The five gifts speak to you in different ways. 

Combined you receive the message and teaching more fully. People learn in different ways. And guess what: the way you learn best is tied to your gift!

Reason #3: For you to fully activate your gifts, you need to know and recognize the other gifts. 

For many people, this needs to be an actual encounter with the gifts themselves! 

What better way to illustrate it than through the teaching itself? For many people, the teaching is just 'explains' but never 'experienced' and so doesn't take root.

Do you see this key missing ingredient and why it is important for you?

Whom this teaching is for: 

  • You know Spiritual Gifts matter
  • You are ready to know how God created you more deeply
  • You want to apply your gifts in real life 
  • You don’t just want to talk and philosophize. You want to activate. 

Whom this is NOT for:

  • You already fully know how to operate in your gifts 
  • You are in a community where others are living out their gifts 
  • You want don’t really believe your gifts impact how you serve, how you life your purpose, or your relationships with others or with ChristProduct Description

This online course was built to unleash your spiritual gifts.

Module 1 - Why Spiritual Gifts are Needed to Build the Kingdom and to Fully Mature in Christ

How to See the Opportunities to Unleash Spiritual Gifts All Around You, Cut Out the Distractions from Your Calling, and Stop Wandering and Lacking Confidence

  • Why the search for one’s purpose often feels like going around in circles
  • The most common mistakes you may be making
  • Why your spiritual gifts unlock a purposeful life
  • The "lie" that corrupts the gifts you must be aware of
  • The reason some churches don't teach spiritual gifts and how to address it

Module 2 - Why Your Gifts Reveal and Shape Your Life Purpose Even When You are Unclear On Your Gifts and Have No Idea What Your Purpose Is

How to Clarify Your Purpose, Tap Into Hidden Joys and Redeem Your Brokenness Based On Your Spiritual Gifts

  • How to turn the ‘negative’ you see through your gifts into a positive-filled opportunity
  • How to advance the Kingdom even if you don't feel like a typical "evangelist"
  • How to feel more confident and courageous in life through your gifts
  • How to connect to your deeper purpose and begin to live it out

Module 3 - The Practical Signs of Your Gifts and How to Develop Them in Your Daily Life

The Five Critical Life Areas Where Your Gifts Are Already In Play and The Attributes to Look For In Order To Discover Them 

  • Why seeing practical, real-world applications, of spiritual gifts matters
  • Which areas of life do your gifts already show up, whether you know it or not
  • The questions to ask yourself to better discern your gifts in practical life
  • How you can begin to develop your gifts in your real, daily life

Module 4 - Why Your Relationships are Key to Unleashing Your Gifts

How to Reduce Conflict, Connect More Deeply, and Team Better Through Your Spiritual Gifts 

  • Why spiritual gifts are about relationships
  • What are the relational attributes and challenges of each of the gifts
  • How spiritual gifts can actually be the source of your conflict with others (and how to reverse this)
  • How do you begin to connect more deeply with others through your gifts, even if the other people to know what your gift is
  • How to cooperate and team with others through spiritual gifts

Module 5 - Putting it Together: How to Experience, Embrace, and Expand the Spiritual Gifts

How to Unleash Spiritual Gifts Throughout Your Church and Take New Steps to Expand Your Gifts in Your Life

  • Why the biggest gains in your life will come from your church coming alive in its spiritual gifts
  • Why your breakthroughs will most likely come through the exercising of your spiritual gifts
  • How to begin to get your church active in spiritual gifts
  • How you can take some new steps to live out your purpose through your spiritual gifts 

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